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ybmlogo-1YBM as a brand has been in operation for 4 years and for 7 years previously was known as Your Media Team. In that time we have worked for a wide range of clients offering the following services.

  • Product Development & Positioning – YBM assess a product’s competitive positioning and create USP’s that will appeal to the end users and attract new customers.
  • Market Mapping & Business Plans – YBM develop strategies so that our clients and their employees understand how to improve the value proposition to their products or services.
  • Sales & Negotiation – Using personal consultative selling techniques  YBM provide international telesales, proposal/tender writing, sales literature development and face-to-face selling services.
  • Key Account & Stakeholder Management – YBM identify and manage relationships with major corporate accounts, smaller key accounts, Government stakeholders, media partners, trade associations / regulatory bodies … infact whoever is vital in taking your business forward.
  • New Business Development – As an external supplier we are practised at spotting opportunities that in-house employees may have missed. We listen to the requirements of your existing customers  and develop new bespoke offerings. We source and contact new prospects . YBM are  constantly looking to innovate or create new new ideas based on industry trends, new technologies or changes in your competitors business model.
  • Project Management – Steve Ashton is PMI accredited in Risk Management and Contracting and has operated in the events industry for over 25 years. Steve enjoys working with your in-house team to oversee all aspects of planning, organization and implementation of a project.
  • Team Management – If required YBM can work with you to build a specific team to run your new venture or project. Experienced in recruitment, personnel development and sales training, developing appraisal systems. Particularly strong at managing remote teams.
  • Technologically Proficient – Advanced level Microsoft suite (Mac & PC), CRM systems (Filemaker Pro, Maximiser, Proaction, Goldmine, ACT, Zoho & Capsule). WordPress website development (Basic), social media for business, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey and other cloud based business services. We also have access to other freelancers and contractors with specific ICT skills.

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Outsourced Business Development Services

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