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He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” – Winston Churchill

BusPlanLogoYBM organised National Business Planning Week for 3 years and developed a seven Word templates to create your own business plan. We are now happy to make these available to you for FREE.

Why Give You FREE Planning Templates?

We receive many proposals for work that are not thought through. It is better for you and easier for us if there is a considered proposal for a business project. Aside from saving you time and money it also gives us a common understanding to start taking your business forward.

This free service enables you to create an individual business plan.

Download Word Doc Templates:

Click on the green text link to download each template as a .doc file. (We guarentee each download is free of spyware, virus etc)

What Next?

Need Help To Complete Your Plan? – We can help you develop you business plan on either a fixed fee basis (depending on how much of the plan you have completed) or on a daily rate to conduct market research, customer surveys or purely as a strategic consultant. Prices start at £200/day.

Need Help To Implement Your Plan? – If your plan has identified a ‘Skills Gap” in your business then we would love to discuss providing you with Sales, Marketing or project management support. This can be on a fixed term basis or as an on-going open contract with retainer.

For more details or an initial chat Contact YBM

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